For all those who could not attend NAB 2024 in Las Vegas and those who would like to see again the fantastic capabilities of ClassX Elitium. Enjoy.


Your broadcast xr, simply limitless

Finally a system specifically born for broadcast, live events and corporate purposes, available in all useful resolutions as a turnkey solution, independent from the common 3D rendering engines: discover Elitium, the first XR system proudly presented by ClassX, following the logic of LiveBoard thus solving the many challenges of XR productions in a very user-friendly and reasonable way.

Spectacular results

ClassX's Elitium is a complete, versatile and incredibly adaptable tool for creating a myriad of different production types. A tool for eclectic, creative and visionary editors who accept no limits. Moving and zooming cameras are no issue for Elitium, nor are camera and template switching. 
A complete system: no need to choose versions and complex options! All 
below described production types are possible with every Elitium.

Elitium in a multicamera and multitracking setup

ClassX Elitium Days offer a great opportunity to see and put hands on this fantastic system. Insights and multiple using examples are shown in a professional setup. 

augmented reality (AR)

The simplest and most straight-forward thing to do with Elitium. AR means the addition of 3D generated content, composited over a live background view, providing the appearance of content sitting in (or augmenting) the real world. 

MIXED reality (MR)

A step further with Elitium: add green screen or a LED wall. MR goes beyond composited AR, placing real-time rendered content on screens around and under actors and real objects, creating rich virtual environments that immerse the actors in the space.

extended reality (XR)

Add talent trackers, virtual screens and interactive objects. Elitium will allow you to adopt workflows that empower production teams to deliver Augmented and Mixed reality within live production environments.

virtual set

A digital environment with realistic-looking settings. Ideal to replace physical backgrounds, allowing a TV presenter or a journalist to appear as if they are in various locations without actually being there. Elitium enriches your narrative thanks to a high quality software Chroma Keyer.

EXTENDED virtual set

Elitium is the perfect solution to seamlessly expand a virtual set in a 360-degree or infinite manner. Leveraging the "Clean plate" feature, even a small "chroma key" space can suffice. Everything else will be seamlessly extended to create a truly immersive "extended virtual set".

virtual production

With Elitium, using a standard broadcasting camera equipped with an external tracking sensor, you can effortlessly transform your LED wall or screen into an infinite expanse or a window to any landscape. Elitium's "off-axis" technology knows no bounds, allowing the point of view of the camera movement to seamlessly align virtual and real-world elements in a captivating extended reality experience.

pitch branding

In pitch branding, graphics seamlessly merge with any color surface. For instance, take the vibrant green of a grass sports field: while players and pitch lines remain clearly visible above the surface, Elitium makes logos, scores and promotional contents appear merged into the green part only. 

trackerless virtual set

Elitium also empowers you to utilize seamless virtual environments without the need for tracking, only the virtual camera. This flexibility allows for dynamic presentations and a heightened sense of realism, as your anchor person interacts naturally with the virtual surroundings.

MOS - driven NEWS in ar

Elitium is capable of proficiently transforming  NRCS/MOS driven graphics into an Augmented Reality News production experience.
It combines the efficiency of data-driven lower thirds and media content with the enchantment of XR, giving rise to a platform capable of managing and broadcasting any kind of news and information through MOS protocol. Elitium enriches your daily news with an extra touch.


Elitium is an incredibly versatile tool that will be able to fit into YOUR workflow perfectly. A wide range of compatibility with all the tools needed for Augmented Reality, Virtual and Mixed Reality live productions allow you to use this clever system starting from day 1 after installation. 

columns and cranes

Production studios can rely on remotely controlled robotic columns, rails and cranes through FreeD protocol.


Elitium integrates with any device through FreeD protocol. Camera and talent trackers.


Switch either inside Elitium or downstream of a Multichannel Elitium with a Vision Mixer. 


Multichannel Elitium can be used for off-axis projection on LED walls plus AR in the foreground.

Lens Calibrating tool

Use proficiently the in-built ClassX lens calibrator on PTZ and broadcast cameras.

Data driven AR

Elitium is suitable to show real-time timers, scores, rankings and every aspect of a sports match.